This project will help to create and favor the opportunities in RU HEIs for development and exploitation of an effective HEIs-WL cooperation system, based on best EU Practices.

In the first phase the project evaluates the present situation of HEIs´ cooperation and partnerships with regional working life partners. Based on the present situation, development and Action Plans are written to each Russian partner HEI. In the second phase teachers implement the individual Action Plans by piloting new forms of cooperation, find new partners, make strategic plans for cooperation combining curriculums and companies’ needs. In the third phase the cooperation strategies and roadmaps are implemented and the improved cooperation methods will be adapted to curriculas. European partner HEIs will organize benchmarking visits and mentoring to develop and implement their action plans.

Project results are collected and disseminated through a practical handbook with concrete, applicable best practice, guidelines and recommendations, a monograph with more scientific approach, project website, news feeds, newsletters, reports, articles, project poster, final seminar and presentations at HEIs and conferences. Awareness campaign is organized to give presentations at RU HEIs that are linked to consortium members through various networks. The exploitation of results is ensured by securing the institutional and financial continuation of development and implementation of the action plans.


The wider objective of the project is to promote the reformation and modernization of the higher education in the Russian federation. The specific objectives are to assess the cooperation between HEIs and working life, to implement action plans to enhance working life relevance and cooperation and to increase the know-how of HEI staff in working life cooperation methods and ways of integrating them into curricula.

The overall aim of the project is to improve the cooperation of HEIs and working life in opening themselves up to society at large, the word of work and the wider world in order to enhance the employability of university graduates by:

  • Development of the framework for evaluating cooperation between HEIs and working-life organizations
  • Development of methodology and self-evaluation mechanisms for cooperation between RF HEIs and working life organizations.
  • Implementation of the evaluation framework of cooperation between RF HEIs and working-life organizations.
  • Development of guidebook for HEIs on deepening of collaboration between HEIs and working-life organizations.

As a result of the project activities, reform and modernization of higher education will be promoted and quality and relevance of higher education enhanced in the Russian Federation. The theme for cooperation is Higher Education and Society and especially in developing partnerships with enterprises and lifelong learning in society at large.