ALSR - Academy of Labour and Social RelationsAcademy of Labour and Social Relations
Lobachevsky Str. 90
119454 Moscow

Professor Dr. Tatiana Grishina


ALSR has 4 faculties, the institute of trade union movement, 23 departments (chairs), 15 branches all over Russia and 2 CIS member-states (Kazakhstan and Ukraine). About 30 000 students of all types and post-graduates are studying in the ALSR and its affiliates. ALSR carries out the activity in the sphere of education under the programs of higher professional (11), post-graduate training (10 scientific specialties) and further professional education (including the program “Master of Business Administration”). ALSR mission was defined in the “Concept of the ALSR development up to 2015” adopted by the Academic Council and approved by the Founder – the Russia Independent Trade Unions Federation.

The Academy’s mission is to provide excellence in learning, qualitative and continuous education in the modern competitive educational environment on the basis of the latest innovative educational technologies and integration of processes: learning, upbringing, scientific and public activity.



ALSR is leader of WP7 and contributes to:

  • WP 1: supports Project Manager and produces information for reports to EACEA. Has representative in SC meetings.
  • WP2: organises seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow and conducts the surveys.
  • WP 3: participates in training seminar and benchmarking visit. ALSR will develop action plans for two of its faculties.
  • WP 4: will implement Action Plans and participate in benchmarking visit. ALSR will construct strategy and roadmap.
  • WP 5: will provide requested information for the handbook and will participate in writing the scientific monograph. ALSR is responsible for coordinating translations of materials.
  • WP 6: will participate in dissemination activities and organise Awareness Campaigns
  • WP 7: is responsible for the coordination and timely execution of WP 7, organising Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar and distributing results to policy makers and RU ministry level.
  • WP 8: ALSR will participate in the assisted self-evaluation of the project.