BC - Bologna ClubAgency of Educational Strategies & Initiatives – Bologna Club (BC)
Gargarin Square 1
344000 Rostov-on-Don

Ms Irina Maevskaya
Executive Secretary


Bearing in mind the great importance of up-to-date tendency to harmonization of national education systems and actively supporting Russian institutions integration into the European high education system on the base of Bologna principles implementation, leading Russian universities have created Bologna Club (BC) in Russia. BC is an open and good-will association, motivating to set up network and international centre for modern education and innovative research transfer in close links with national and international society.



BC contributes to:

  • WP 1: will produce information for reports to EACEA and have a representative in the Steering Committee meetings.
  • WP 2: will participate in the seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow where the results of WP 2 will be presented.
  • WP 3: is not involved in WP 3.
  • WP 4: will participate in coaching of constructing the strategy and roadmap for improving cooperation with working life for RU HEIs.
  • WP 5: is not involved in WP 5.
  • WP 6: will participate in producing content to website and for news feeds and will participate in Final Seminar.
  • WP 7: will participate in creating the Exploitation Strategy and Roadmap, participate in Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar in Moscow and invite policy makers and employers to discussions and to be involved in project activities. BC will also promote results, experiences and solutions to RU HEIs outside the project consortium.