LOGO_JamkJAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK)
Rajakatu 35
40200 Jyväskylä

Ms Suvi Ahonen
Project manager
JAMK University of Applied Sciences is a multi-disciplinary higher education institution with three functions: to provide higher education based on the requirements of working life, to undertake applied research and development supporting the education, working life, and regional development and to provide adult education to enhance the competence of the workforce. In addition to BA and MA degrees, 4 schools (technology, health and social studies, business and services management and teacher training college) carry out regional, national and international applied research and development projects in cooperation with companies. Strong emphasis is on the cooperation with companies in all of JAMK’s functions. JAMK has developed and actively utilizes several collaboration processes with companies including cooperative learning process and real-life problem solving for students and staff.


JAMK is the coordinator of E3M-project, leader of WP1 Management and contributes to:

  • WP2: provides survey forms to be adapted, comments survey form contents and participates in seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow
  • WP 3: organises training seminar, hosts the first week of the benchmarking visit and mentors and coaches the action plans.
  • WP 4: hosts first week of benchmarking visit II, coaches and mentors RU HEIs in constructing strategy and roadmap
  • WP 5: provides and produces information to the handbook and participates in writing the scientific monograph.
  • WP 6: is responsible for setting up and managing project website, produces content to website and news feeds and participates in Final Seminar.
  • WP 7: participates in Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar in Moscow, organised jointly with Steering Comittee meeting
  • WP 8: participates in developing quality management processes, process indicators of quality management, quality assessment (self -evaluation) and reporting.