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Sepänkatu 4
40100 Jyväskylä

Development manager Mrs Tiina Järvelin

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Jykes is a business development company owned by four municipalities. Jykes promotes profitable business activity in the Jyväskylä Region since 1996. Jykes has the staff of 48 employees and its own offices in St.Petersburg, Russia and Shanghai, China. The Jyväskylä Region is one of Finland’s five centres of growth and an important industrial area. Special expertise is the region is found in the fields of paper making, energy and environmental and information technologies. Alongside, there are successfully rising new sectors concerning wellness and nanotechnology. Jykes is responsible for the regional business cluster operations in the clusters: New-generation machines and equipment and Developing Housing and Living. Jykes carries the overall responsibility for planning the innovation strategy of the region as well as the business incubation services. Jykes is involved in carrying out a number of projects.



ykes has strong cooperation with companies and education facilities in the region. Jykes has for several years been cooperating with companies in search for skilled labour and development of human resources in companies. In this work it is necessary to develop well functioning cooperation channels between education providers and companies.

JYKES contributes to:

  • WP 1: will produce information for reports to EACEA and have a representative in the Steering Committee meetings.
  • WP 2: will participate in the seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow where the results of WP 2 will be presented.
  • WP 3, WP 4: will participate in hosting the benchmark visit in Finland.
  • WP 5: is not involved in WP 5.
  • WP 6: will participate in producing content to website and for news feeds and will participate in Final Seminar.
  • WP 7: will participate in Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar in Moscow, organised jointly with Steering Comittee meeting.