Artesis Plantijn University College (AP)
Lange Nieuwstraat 101
2000 Antwerp

Ms Inge Verhaegen
International Coordinator

Artesis Plantijn University College is a brand new university college, originating from Artesis University College and Plantijn University College.
AP or Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp stands for Antwerp and Province, Arts and Professional, Ambitious and Passionate.

AP’s 9000 students, 23 vocational educations and 8 art programmes, are clustered into 4 faculties and 2 schools of arts.

Even though AP University College is very young, its schools of arts have a long history: the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp was founded in 1898,

and the Royal Academy of Fine arts is 350 years old.

AP puts students at the heart of everything. Thanks to personal coaching and intensive study career counseling, we help our students in making the right study choice and finishing their studies successfully.

AP is characterized by unity in diversity. It is a university college in which different faculties are not limited by their fields of study and expertise, a university college with a focus on interdisciplinary networks and transfers, a university college offering everyone, staff and students,the opportunity to grow and develop their talents. AP is a university college putting trust into and respecting each individual.



Plantijn is the leader of WP5 and contributes to:

  • WP 1: supports the Project Manager and produce information for reports to EACEA. Has representative in the SC meetings.
  • WP 2: will comment on the survey form contents and participate in the seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow.
  • WP 3: will host a benchmarking visit and mentor and coach the action plans developed in WP3.
  • WP 4: will host benchmarking visit groups and coach and mentor RU HEIs in constructing the strategy and roadmap for improving cooperation with working life.
  • WP 5: is responsible for the coordination and timely execution of tasks and deliverables and collecting outcomes of this and previous WP to compose a handbook.
  • WP 6: will participate in dissemination activities.
  • WP 7: will participate in Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar in Moscow.
  • WP 8: will participate in the assisted self-evaluation of the project.