SPACE Network (SPACE)SPACE - SPACE Network Brussels
c/o Ravensteingalerij 27/3
1000 Brussels

Mrs Regitze Kristensen
Secretary General


  • a network of more than 70 higher education institutions that are operational in the European Educational Area (represented in 25 European countries) and the European Research Area;
  • a multicultural, pluralistic and forward looking organisation that strives for educational aims on the basis of equality of gender, thoughts and opinions;
  • a dynamic association of inspired educationalists that wants to efficiently cooperate in order to achieve the goals we have set to ourselves and the educational world.

We operate in the following study areas: business, entrepreneurship, communication, languages and hospitality.

SPACE is affiliated to: EURASHE, EFMD, EDINEB, NIBS.



SPACE is the dissemination partner in the project responsible for disseminating the project results using the AIDA model and the recommendations from the European Commission. We will define the target groups for the project outcome and build up a strategy and dissemination plan that makes sure that the target groups are addressed in best way using different communications channels on local, national and international level.

  • WP 1: produces information for reports to EACEA and has a representative in SC meetings.
  • WP 2: participates in seminar, workshop and SC meeting in Moscow.
  • WP 3: participates in hosting benchmark visit in Belgium.
  • WP 4: not involved.
  • WP 5: disseminates the project results in its annual meetings and through its network of members.
  • WP 6: participates in Final Seminar and producing content to website and news feeds.
  • WP 7: participates in Evaluation and Exploitation Seminar and SC meeting in Moscow.
  • WP 8: not involved.